E12 - long distance path in Slovenia


The Mediterranean arch of the E12 long distance path in Slovenia was opened on December 10th, 2016. The path's custodians are the Coastal Alpine Club Koper and the Slovenian Commission for the European pathways. The Slovenian segment of the path starts at the meeting point with the Italian segment on The Route of  Health and Friendship (Parenzana) near the former border crossing of Škofije. It continues to Škofije and then follows the Slovenian mountain hiking trail all the way to Hrvatini and downwards to Ankaran. The path then follows the road to Koper over the area of Ankaran Bonifika, to the viaduct and over the railway, continues on the walking trail and pavements passing the Škocjanski zatok nature reserve all the way to the Porsche building. It then passes the entrance of Port of Koper to the northern bypass, on Pristaniška cesta and Semedela Promenade to The Route of Health and Friendship at Semedela highway underpass. It passes Žusterna, goes towards Izola, to the roundabout, right to Cankarjev drevored, to Tovarniška ulica and Ulica ob pečini to Izola north beach, then on Kopališka ulica to Izola Veliki trg and Sončno nabrežje all the way to Lonka. The path continues through the Izola Marina to Simonov zaliv and follows the coastal walking trail to Belvedere. Here it joins the E6 long distance path (the Ciglar's trail). E6 and E12 follow the cart track which descends from Belvedere area towards Ronek peninsula. The track then continues to the trail above the cliff of Mesečev zaliv to Krka Hotel. From here E6 and E12 run together pass Lambada restaurant and then on the trail on the edge of Sečovlje Salina Nature Park to Salinera Hotel. On the curve above the hotel complex the two paths direct horizontally to the trail to Pacug and downwards to Fiesa. From here the path climbs to Piran church, then descends to Punta and continues along the coast to Tartini Square and on to Fornače, Bernardin and through Portorož to Lucija campsit. It then continues on The Route of Health and Friendship around Seča peninsula and below Forma Viva. It follows Jernej Channel to Seča and then on the edge of Sečovlje Salina Nature Park to Sečovlje. At Sečovlje border crossing the joined path enters Croatia.

The path is around 50 kilometres long and has 3 control points with seals (one in Ankaran's Korta bar, one in Strunjan's Talaso Hotel and one in Sečovlje at the info point of Museum of Salt making). It takes us 2 to 3 days to walk the entire path.

The E12 starts in Spain, continues to France, Italy, then follows the Slovenian and Croatian coastline all the way to Montenegro, Greeceand eastern Mediterranean. 
The Slovenian segments of European footpaths are marked by red and yellow signs.

KEUPS President,

Jože Prah 







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